Market Street’s Shrimp & Grits!

June 21, 2005



The only car out tonight is a stretch limo racing down the still warm pavement. Odd sight considering the area.


Caryn and Mr. R. are positioned at their opposite ends of the car, a mound of luggage piled on the seats between them. Mr. R. peers out the window.

MR. R.

I’m hungry.

Caryn looks out her window, but the car is enveloped in utter darkness.


Shall we fetch some roadkill?

Mr. R. leans forward and rolls down the dividing window to speak to the driver.

MR. R.

Can you pull off at the next town to grab a quick bite?

The driver acknowledges the order but Caryn isn’t as willing to accept the change in plans.


We’ll be late for our flight.

MR. R.

Don’t worry. They’ll accommodate me. I’m in first class.

Caryn sinks back into her seat and mutters to herself.


I’m not.


The limo turns down a street bringing them into the center of an old, southern town. Beautifully preserved buildings lock in the secrets of their long history.

They approach a restaurant with big, glass windows that looks like the storefront of an old general store. A green sign in the window reads “Market Street Grocery and Grill.”


Mr. R. is considering his options when he sees the restaurant.

MR. R.

Stop here. This looks good.


Caryn and Mr. R. find themselves in the door of a classy, dimly-lit restaurant of polished wood. Dessert plates on the tables have been wiped clean, but the many happy DINERS show no signs of leaving just yet.

MR. R.

Ahh, civilization!

The HOST, a very tall man with dark hair, walks up and greets them. Friendly but showing no signs of recognition of his famed guest.


May I help you?


Can we see a menu?

He hands them a menu and the two pour over it with discerning eyes. The lengthy list of delectable selections is a virtual buffet of southern classics, spiced up nicely by some signature recipes.


Shrimp and grits! Yes!

Mr. R. turns on the charm to the host.

MR. R.

Would it be possible to get some food packaged to go?


We’re not staying?

Mr. R. feigns annoyance.

MR. R.

I thought you were concerned about missing the flight.

Caryn turns to the host.


Table for two please.

As they are shown to a table, Caryn mutters to herself.


The plane will wait.

Market Street Grocery and Grill

121 5th Street South

Columbus, MS 39705

662-245-1086 ph.

Market Street is a culinary gem in the heart of downtown Columbus. If you’re in the area, you must stop by! If it’s too far, Chef Opal was kind of enough to provide a taste:

Market Street’s Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp Sauce:

3 cups shrimp stock

2 cups heavy cream

3 Tb. fresh basil – chiffonade

1/2 cup white wine

TT salt and pepper (white)

TT any seasonings, personal choice

1/4 cup roux, blonde. (or until thickened)

Reduce stock by 1/4. Then, add cream, basil, wine and seasoning. Heat to simmer then add roux. Whisk until it coats back of spoon.


4 cups yellow grits (works best but Quaker grits will do.)

**enough water to prepare grits according to package directions

2 jalapeno peppers, seeded and chopped

1 cup cheddar cheese (or any creamy cheese)

1 1/2 cups heavy cream

TT salt and pepper

Add grits to boiling water**, whisking.

Add cream, peppers and seasoning until thick.

Add cheese, stir until melted.

10 per plate – sauteed shrimp. 21/25 count works best. Peeled and deveined.


Works best in large pasta bowl.

Grits in middle (cakes, scoops or slightly runny.)

Sauce on top and around.

Place shrimp around and on top of grits.

Garnish with green onions and chopped bacon.

Chef Opal’s recipe is an estimate based on her cooking in quantity for the restautant. Adjust portions as necessary, especially with the grits.

8 thoughts on “Market Street’s Shrimp & Grits!

  1. leannwoo

    YUMMMM. I will confess, I have never had grits. I’m from the west coast, and sadly, grits are not something you see here everyday. :) I may have to try it though, it sounds wonderful.

    I wonder if those two will make their plane?

  2. Yvette

    Damn…. these look so delicious! You made those wonderful shots and you always make good stories behind those foods…awesome! If you like friend rice with lup cheong: please come and visit my food blog..I would be honored to recieve a nice comment from you! *THANKS*

  3. obachan


    I’m a grits lover in Japan. I had it quite often when I stayed in Mississippi for apx. 3 1/2 years. Now your photo of shrimp and grits is really making me drool!

    This site is a very special place for me… I love your food photos and stories related to the place I miss a lot. Thanks for keeping it up. I’ll be frequenting. :)

  4. caryn

    Emily, I shall refer you to my disclaimer on my About page… :)

    Amy, yes, this recipe makes A LOT of grits….my guess is that it serves twelve. So cut it in half. And maybe cut it in half again. :)

    Thanks, Yvette. I’ve been so out of touch lately with my travels, but I will definitely peruse your site as soon as I have a few moments free.

    Konnichiwa, Obachan! Wow, Japan and Mississippi are two totally different environments! I have been somewhat remiss on my June posts, but promise to improve. Thanks for frequenting.


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