Act One, Scene One



The sun streams through the windows and bounces playfully on the load of clean dishes drying on the rack on the table. It is an odd-shaped kitchen that has clearly been adapted to suit one’s personal preferences.

The remnants of the morning coffee sit stewing in a french press on the counter by the sink. Fresh produce, seasonings, utensils and appliances line the rest of the counters. There is little doubt that this is a cook’s kitchen.

PUNKY, male feline, 8, sits purring loudly on the floor by his own set of dishes. Cat food in a tupperware container looms high above his head, fully out of his reach, but he knows it’s there and is determined to one day gain access to it.

CARYN, our heroine, early-30s, sits at her desk just outside the kitchen typing languidly at her computer. She stops occasionally to dream about what to make for dinner…